Saturday, 8 October 2011

Michael Palin: Top 10 Travel Documentaries

President of the Royal Geographical Society and one sixth of the legendary comedy group, Monty Python, funny man Michael Palin is one of the most influential documentarians around. Having journeyed across the world, his travel programmes are widely recognised as phenomenons creating the 'Palin effect', as many areas he visits suddenly become popular tourist destinations. 

He has visited some of the world's most beautiful and most intriguing places. What I love about Palin is his curiosity when it comes to experiencing other cultures and his desire to learn more about the place he's in, from the people he meets, on his travels. He also has a great flair for travel writing and an informative yet completely entertaining nature in which he presents his extraordinary adventures to the viewers at home.

Here are my top 10 travel documentaries with Palin
  1. Sahara with Palin - 2002
  2. Michael Palin: Around the world in 80 days - 1989
  3. Full Circle with Palin - 1997
  4. Pole to Pole - 1992
  5. Himalaya with Michael Palin - 2004
  6. Michael Palin's New Europe - 2007
  7. Confessions of a Trainspotter - 1980
  8. Around the world in 20 years: 80 days revisited - 2008
  9. Derry to Kerry - 1994
  10. Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure - 1999
One of my favourite stills taken from the number one on my list, showing sunset on the way north through Algeria
  Photo by Basil Pao
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  1. Hi Shabana! I hope your MA is going well. I'm at college and want to do journalism at university. Your blog is great for inspiration - i followed a link to it from twitter.

    This is my favourite post because I just adore Michael Palin and his work. Did you watch New Europe? It was on the other day :) The best part's when he visits the famous film studios in Romania.

    Just wanted to say hello and great blog! I'll be reading :)