Sunday, 13 November 2011

Learning that I made the right choice

Check out my (poor) attempt at reading and editing news, emphasis on the word poor. This was part of an exercise during the digital journalism module. The idea was to record an original piece of video and edit it using Adobe Premier Elements. It didn't help that I was recovering from a flu when I braved it to face the camera and report a few environment stories from Preston - environment being my beat and Preston my place of study.

Initially, this exercise seemed like a chore. But, it was a task that made me realise a number of things:

1) I'm sure, more than ever before, that print journalism is what I want to be doing. Broadcast is definitely not for me.

2) Setting up a camera to film raw footage is much much harder than it seems and speaking into one is near enough torture - I salute the people who do it on a daily basis.

3) In the worse case scenario, if push came to shove, I am capable of filming something - just not of a great quality. 

4) I, surprisingly, enjoyed the editing process and found Adobe Premier Elements as a great tool for video production.

5) Not having an auto cue proved extremely difficult, I was constantly looking down to read what I had to say which was unprofessional and amateur and definitely wouldn't cut it in the real world.

6) I should definitely stick to hiding behind the written word. In simple terms - I look terrible on camera!

This was also the first time I made use of my YouTube account so... Here's the video - I've made a number of mistakes - see if you can spot them!

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